Little Street is an engaging place where children can imagine themselves working in their dream job and making new friends. Little Street is the perfect place to be with your kids. They can pretend they are a firefighter, doctor, or police officer on Little Street. And if you want them in character when it’s time for bed, then there’s always Starlets Theatre where fun activities happen all day long every week- don’t miss out.

Situated at Station Approach, Frimley, Camberley area, Little Street is a magical place where children’s imaginations can come alive. With so many rooms, they are sure to find what the future holds for them. They could be anything from being firemen in one of their pretend playrooms or visiting Chicco’s café with friends on weekends; Little Street has it covered.

The Little Street Centre is a place where kids can learn and explore their world in new ways. It has been designed with the help of Early Years Practitioners, so it includes lots of shapes and colours as well as number puzzles for roleplaying that will develop language skills while also teaching leadership qualities or problem-solving abilities along the way.

Little Street is a distinct and trendy venue in London, UK. With just four private sessions per day, they maintain the WOW factor while also keeping numbers small so that every room can be enjoyed by all visitors of Little Street. Throughout these intimate events, guests are served healthy snacks from their onsite café, which makes it an even more enjoyable experience for those who come to enjoy some retail therapy or cultural exploration during their visit.

The team at LTS knows how important this part about being well looked after really does feel - no matter what you’re shopping for, whether it’s clothes, accessories, shoes, electronic gadgets, home decor, furniture, toys games. Little Street offers a scaled-down town for kids to work, play and explore. There are four sessions per day with limited numbers in this fun environment.

Additionally, Little Street is a toy store that offers an experience as close to playtime with your child like you’ve never had before. They keep numbers small by running pre-defined sessions and making sure each day ends on the note of returning everything back to its original state so children can enjoy exploring their environment again, finding new things or rediscovering toys from years ago. Little Street provides the best play experience for your child’s imagination. The themed rooms at each Little Street contain props and equipment to stimulate their creativity, as well.

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